Technical Analysis Made Simple:

The Step-by-Step System to Making Smart Buy and Sell Decisions in Stock Trading and Investing

Stock trading can be intimidating, frustrating, sometimes painful… but always exciting. 


You’re always wondering…


Which stocks, commodities, or cryptocurrency should I buy?

When exactly should I buy or sell?

What is technical analysis and where can I learn it?

When you’re risking real money, it’s scary. Especially when you’re not a “numbers” person. Maybe you look at stock charts and all those crazy lines and it’s like a foreign language. 


It’s even worse if you’ve been investing for awhile and kind of know what you’re doing. You might make money sometimes, but it’s not consistent. And between TV, blogs, Twitter and all the noise online, it’s information overload.


One guy says “buy,” one guy says “sell.” Your research tells you one thing, and then the market does the opposite.


What if you knew a proven process to make smart, confident trading decisions?

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Imagine looking at a stock chart and knowing exactly if you want to buy or sell. 

Picture yourself having more winning trades and knowing how to manage your risk and cut your losses when you’re wrong?

My course will teach you the essentials of technical analysis and stock trading to help you make smart, profitable investing decisions. You’ll focus on the most important technical indicators and put it all together into a process that I actually use as a professional hedge fund manager.
This course has something for traders of all experience levels.

My Stacking System is a step-by-step process to analyze any price chart using simple, classic technical analysis. I apply a few basic trading strategies, and stack them together to give repeatable signals.

If you can follow a recipe, you can learn my system.

I’ve been a professional hedge fund manager and trader for over 20 years, in front of the screens trading billions of dollars. I’ve posted market insights and trades live online, where I can’t hide and fake my results. My consistency and success rate speak for themselves. And I’ve taught everyone from professional traders to beginners how to trade stocks.

This is NOT a comprehensive, kitchen sink course with hours of obscure, useless information. That’s the last thing I want to teach. I filter everything down and focus on only the MOST important foundations of stock trading and technical analysis:

Learn the 3 types of stock charts you need to know – Line, Bar and Candlestick.

Discover the power of my simple 3 Cs Stacking System.

Master the Single most important signal in technical analysis.

What the most common stock chart patterns really tell you – Flags, Head-and-Shoulders, Cup and Handles, Double Tops and Bottoms. 

How to use common, consistent technical indicators like MACD and RSI to your advantage.

The counterintuitive reason why I use the less popular DMI indicator.

Into the wild: Live, hands-on video walkthroughs of actual trades and stock chart analyses.

PLUS – little-known tips on trading psychology and next-level strategy.

My teaching style is end-to-end and easy to follow. I won’t bore you with a bunch of definitions and theory. I’ll actually show you with visual aids and live video walkthroughs. You’ll go in-depth into the STORY behind everything. Not just “What” is happening, but “Why.” 

Most importantly, my videos will be hands-on and you’ll look over my shoulder as I talk through how I apply my concepts in practice with live examples.

My process is all about SIMPLICITY. I’ll leave the fancy, complex stuff to others. More is not always better. We’ll focus on simple ideas like support, resistance, basic chart patterns, and a couple of technical indicators. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what these mean—I walk through everything from the ground up).

Once you understand the foundations of technical analysis, you can apply it to any market and any kind of trading. Stocks, penny stocks, ETFs, commodities and Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading? Investing, swing trading, day trading, options trading? 

Technical analysis will give you an edge in all of this.

For Complete Beginners: Step-by-step introduction to the basics of stock charts and what all those crazy lines mean.

For Experienced Traders: Hands-on walkthroughs of how a professional hedge fund trader goes through the progressions of analyzing a chart and lessons on psychology and strategy.

Understanding technical analysis will change the way you trade and give you control and confidence over your investments. My course will transform you from a “close-your-eyes-and-hope” beginner to a smart, consistent trader.

If you want to learn how to read a stock chart, understand technical analysis and trade with confidence, you’re in the right place. 

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