Hey, I’m James.

I teach people how to trade stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies – pretty much anything that has a price chart.

I show people how to use simple tools and basic charts to confidently make buy and sell decisions, even if they are complete beginners. I’ve always believed that trading is for everyone.

I’ve been a hedge fund manager trading and investing $billions for prominent firms for decades. Even though I’ve been doing this for awhile and have seen all the advanced and fancy trading techniques, I still actually use the easy, basic tools that I teach.

I’m all about simplicity.

And ever since the days when I had down-time at work and posted ideas on Yahoo! Stock message boards for fun, I love the idea of evening the playing field between big professional traders and the average person.

I’m active on Twitter where I post real-time, regular analysis, charts and live trades. I post ideas on everything from the market, stocks, Bitcoin and trading. Follow me @marketmind3

When I’m not trading or making products that teach trading, I’m still doing something that taps into that part of my brain. Gambling, watching sports…gambling on sports. In my videos, you’ll see a lot of references to sports, movies and food – my personal passions.    

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