Who Am I?

Hey, I'm James

I teach people how to trade stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies – pretty much anything that has a price chart.
I’ll show you how use simple tools and basic charts to confidently make buy and sell decisions. If you’re a complete beginner, learn the basics of techncial analysis and how to apply them. If you’re experienced, trade alongside me as I apply 20 years trading experience with sentiment, psychology and process.

Who I am

I have 20 Years of Experience as a Hedge Fund Manager, in front of the screens for decades trading $Billions​.

I believe anyone can learn technical analysis​. My content is more than just trading ideas and picks. The goal is to be a trading mentorship with market analysis and a focus on psychology, process and mindset. 

Imagine looking at any price chart and understanding what all of those crazy lines mean. And knowing exactly when to buy or sell.

My courses, newsletter and Twitter walk through it all. 

Sit side-by-side with a veteran and actual institutional hedge fund manager, with the experience, resources and tools to provide a differentiated edge. 


The numbers don’t lie.

Most people look at this and think it’s fake. But each of these trades was posted real-time on Twitter and analyzed in my newsletter. 

Live trades posted on Twitter +80% in 2019, +75% in 2020 (as of 6/30/20). Caught the major market swings. All posted live with trade entry and exit prices for anyone to follow and verify (go back and check for yourself!). With charts and analysis explaining each trade.

Stock ideas in my weekly newsletter including ZS +107%, SPOT +88%, OSTK +470% all this year. 

Judge for yourself. 

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